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“I absolutely love the Chiffon Cream! It blends perfectly into my skin and leaves it feeling very clean, moisturized and hydrated." -- J. Cherry Memphis, TN --

Fade Away Skin Lightening Cream
Don't just cover up your freckles, dark circles, stretch marks and age spots, make them disappear!

Fade Away Skin Lightening Cream with 2% Hydroquinone & Collagen

Fade Away Skin Lightening Cream

Retail: up to $200

Deluxe Fade Away Cream Travel Fade Away Cream
4oz Deluxe---$49.99
2oz Travel---$29.99

Are you tired of trying to cover up your freckles, stretch marks, liver spots, age spots and dark circles under your eyes? Well… use our NEW "Fade Away" Skin-Lightening Cream and memories of those dark spots (even your acne marks) will fade away often permanently.

Neither a glorified cover-up nor a makeup, 30Glycolic’s "Fade Away" Skin-Lightening Cream is a proven formula that is guaranteed to reduce or even eliminate hyperpigmentation, liver spots, age spots, dark circles and dark marks anywhere on your body.

What exactly can our "Fade Away" Cream do for you?

• Eliminate your age spots and liver spots.
• Fade your freckles and acne marks.
• Make dark lines associated with wrinkles decrease or disappear.
• Eradicate hyperpigmentation like dark spots on knees, elbows, & shoulders.
• Smooth out the appearance of stretch marks or "Mask of Pregnancy".
• Fade shaving scars, razor bump marks, dark shadows, and dark circles.
• Lighten your skin.
• Prevent future hyperpigmentations.
• Make your skin the fairest of them all.

How do Spots Happen?

Hyperpigmentation – a.k.a. freckles, liver spots, age spots, acne marks, stretch marks, and "Mask of Pregnancy" -- happens when there is an overproduction or uneven production of melanin (a pigment produced by the basal cells of the dermis called melanocytes). This over or uneven production of melanin can happen for many reasons: sun exposure, acne, scarring, pregnancy, drugs containing phototoxic agents, or use of birth control pills.

How does our "Fade Away" Cream work?

30Glycolic’s "Fade Away" cream contains 2% hydroquinone – the most studied topical agent proven to lighten and brighten skin. Hydroquinone works by (1) inhibiting the formation/synthesis of melanin and (2) eliminating already formed dark patches of skin. So, with each application of our “Fade Away” Cream, you are working to fade away your age spots forever. Can be used daily or twice daily.

Will you see immediate results? Many times, Yes… your skin will look lighter and brighter after using our "Fade Away" skin-lightening cream. But, in order to achieve extreme results and a truly fair complexion, you must dedicate time and patience to the process (generally 4-6 weeks).

Did You Know?… translucent containers are not effective for skin lightening products? The light emitted into the breaks down the hydroquinone making it ineffective. That’s why 30Glycolic use a white plastic container… to keep the "Fade Away" cream effective at lightening your skin.

Did You Know?… hydroquinone becomes unstable when exposed to the air? That’s why 30Glycolic packages our "Fade Away" cream in a container with a flip top lid. This minimizes the hydroquinone’s exposure to air, keeping it stable and effective for fading away your freckles, age spots, and stretch marks.

Lighter, brighter skin is just one click away. Order your "Fade Away" skin-lightening cream today and soon you’ll be saying… “I have the fairest complexion of them all!”

SPECIAL NOTE: Without diligent use of a well-formulated sunscreen no skin-lightening product can be effective.

Just give us 90 days and we GUARANTEE to change the way you look at yourself in the mirror.

Deluxe Fade Away Cream Travel Fade Away Cream
4oz Deluxe---$49.99
2oz Travel---$29.99

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